Zomlings Series 5

So, who or what are Zomlings I hear you ask?

Well, they are small, squishy, Zombie like critters, who inhabit a large town, with street names like Beastly Big Avenue and Deadly Downtown.

These collectible, pocket money toys, are now on their 5th Series and they just keep getting bigger and better, with over 100 more Zomlings to collect!

Prices start at just 50p for a single Zomling pack, containing a Zomling and an identication leaflet.


We found it a little difficult to read the names of each Zomling on the leaflet, but you can always find them online at  www.magicboxint.com  or, if you buy the Starter Pack, you can find a much larger version on the back of the Guide Map.


The Starter Pack is very reasonably priced, at just £4 and contains:

• A metallic* Big Zom-mobile, which includes two Zomlings.

*The metallic color is only found in starter packs, otherwise, they are a matt green, red or blue, with two Zomlings, for £2.50 each.

One Big City Tower (Individually sold at £1.50 each), which includes a Zomling and a Tower.


The new Series 5 Towers come with a billboard attached, so you can now create a town with a University, Disco, Flower Shop, TV Station, Cafe, plus many more.

• And finally, the Big City Map.

On the back of the map, you’ll find the names of all the Zomlings available to collect, including the Ultra Rare Silver and Limited Edition Gold Zomlings. There’s also Vehicles, Stations and many City Towers to collect, in order to grow your city.

We would definitely recommend getting the Starter pack. It’s great value for money and the City Map really does add to the play experience. The girls are loving to create their town and using the vechicles to drive from one street to another.

If you’ve already been collecting the Series 4, you’ll even find the maps join to make one large map.

We were sent a small selection of the Zomlings, for the purpose of this review. However, the girls are enjoying them so much, that I’ve since purchased several more packs and they’re excited about growing their collection.

The Zomlings have most certainly been tried and tested here, and we all agree that they’re a fun, great value, pocket money toy.

If you fancy seeing a visual review, head over to our YouTube Channel …. https://youtu.be/LwGA0dxkgqQ


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