Zomlings in the Future (Series 6)

The Zomlings are back and this time, they’re in the future!

Series 6 brings us futuristic Zom-Mobiles, such as the Skyship and Rocket Car, and advanced, modern capsules to live in.

There’s still the Ultra Rare and Limited Edition Zomlings, Capsules and Zom-Mobiles to find and collect. The girls were lucky enough to find Tech Mech, Popig, Pirtak and Tronut in their packs 🙂


The Starter Packs (still at only £4) contain a Guide Map, listing all the Zomling Characters, Zom-Mobiles and Capsules available to collect,



as well as an exclusive metal capsule and 3 Zomlings to begin your collection!

The City Map itself has a wonderful sci fi scene to begin Zomling play. The girls loved zooming the Zom-Mobiles around the map and racing each other to the finish.


There were continuous cries of “Wow!” and “Look who I got!” as the girls opened the Zomling packs and looked for their Zomlings name…. could they be from the Acid Alien, Zippy Zomtronik or maybe the Cranky Critter family?!


The Zomlings are a fabulous ‘Pocket Money Toy.’

The girls already have a huge collection of the Zomlings Series 5 and I can see them having an even bigger collection of the Series 6!

The girls were kindly sent most of the items mentioned, but they have already been choosing to spend their pocket money on their growing collection.

In the Zomlings Series 6, the girls received:

  • the Guide Map Starter Pack (as shown above) priced at £4
  • individual Zomlings Packs, priced at 50p each, contain one Zomling
  • a Zomlings Capsule, priced at £2.50, containing one Capsule and two Zomlings
  • a Zomlings Blister Pack, containing four Zom-Mobiles, and four Zomings, priced at £7.00

The Zom-Mobiles can also be bought as Individual packs, containing one Zom-Mobile and one Zomling, priced at £1.50 each.

With all the packs mentioned above, you a chance of unwrapping an Ultra Rare or Limited Edition.

The girls were also sent a Zomlings Pirate Blister Pack and Zomlings Race Blister Pack. These can be bought at £12 each and the girls adored them!

From racing around the City Maps to using the Pirates canon to fire at the enemy, the girls played for hours!

If you would like to see the Zomlings in action, please head over to our new ‘Busy Mum of Girls’ YouTube channel here: Zomlings Series 6  for a short video 🙂


  • The girls were sent the Zomlings packs for the purposes of the review. However, all words and opinions are our own. The girls really do adore the Zomlings Series, which I hope you can see from the video. 🙂













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