The Perfect Gift

A few weeks ago, I discovered the most perfect gift from The Fairy Nice Trading Company.

The gift of a Fairy Toadstool.

My 7 year old daughter often has nightmares. She used to be too scared to go to sleep, in case the nightmares came back. Despite us talking about how a nightmare can’t hurt us and trying lots of recommendations, nothing could take away her fear of falling asleep.

Then, on her 7th birthday, a gift arrived outside her fairy door.

Inside a little box, sat the most beautiful toadstool, with a personalised gift tag and a magical message….

” Excuse me if I sit a while, Whilst you are sleeping sound
Upon my Magic Toadstool, So soft and big and round.
I like to watch you slumber and keep a watchful eye,
So that all your dreams are sweet ones
And nightmares pass you by.
When you wake in the morning, 
I’m afraid I shall have gone.
But I’ll be back again to see you,
with night once more does come”

From that day on, she has slept with her Fairy Toadstool by her bed. And, although she has had the odd nightmare, she is no longer scared to go to sleep and tells me they are not so scary now, as she knows her fairy is looking after her.

It really was the most perfect gift for our little girl, and she has got so much more from it than I ever could have imagined.

Patricia x



Note: I am Brand Ambassador for The Fairy Nice Trading Company and received a small discount on the purchase of the Fairy Toadstool. However, I was a customer of The Fairy Nice Trading Company before I became an Ambassador, and have not been asked to write this piece. All words and opinions are my own.






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