A Mothers Day Afternoon Tea. (Plus recipes)

For the past three years, I’ve invited my Mum to us for a Homemade Afternoon Tea.

Having four children, it can be a little hectic going out, and I find myself constantly distracted by the girls, instead of chatting and catching up with my Mum, so I decided to bring the afternoon tea to us!

The girls love to help with the baking and preparing the table, so they get to be involved too.

The Saturday before is spent usually tidying, cleaning and checking off the ingredients list. Then, Sunday morning, is spent baking….

Shortbread Cupcake Biscuits

Find the receipe here: Mothers Day Biscuits

Victoria Sandwich, Strawberries and Fresh Cream Cake.

Find the recipe here: Victoria Sponge, Strawberries and Fresh Cream Cake.

Cheese Straw Hearts


Find the recipe here: Cheese Straw Hearts.

Plain & Sultana Scones, with Fresh Cream and Jam.

Find the recipe here: Plain and Sultana Scones, with Fresh Cream and Jam.

We then complimented all this baking with some Cucumber Sandwiches and a pot of tea.

Also, if you make enough, there’s plenty left for lunch boxes or after school snacks, which always a bonus! 😜





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