Letterbox Lab – Investigate Box 1 Review

The girls were so excited to be sent the new Investigate Box, for a sneak peak, from Letterbox Lab.

Launching on 18 April 2017, the Investigate Box contains several Science Experiments, aimed at children aged 8 years up, delivered straight to your door.

But, it doesn’t end there.

Each box will have an associated Member’s section on the Letterbox Lab Website (www.letterboxlab.com), containing Video Instructions, Curriculum Links, a Parent’s ‘Cheat Sheet’ and a Monthly Science-themed Recipe!

So, what’s inside the box?

Investigate Box 1



Inside, is everything you need in order to conduct six experiments…. from Safety Glasses to Petri dishes, to scissors and sugar sachets.

There’s even a Letterbox Lab pencil to write down your findings!



Safety is addressed throughout the enclosed booklet in a very clear way. It begins with Safety Information for Parents, followed by a ‘Safety Checklist’ at the start of each experiment, encouraging children to also be involved.

The booklets themselves are colourful and the experiments are easy to follow. Children are encouraged to question or think about each experiment, and there are several spaces to record your results.


The Theme for this box of experiments was,

“Marvellous Mixtures”

and included the following 6 experiments:

  1. Incredible Inks
  2. Rainbow Glasses
  3. Rainbow Spinners
  4. Liquid Rainbow
  5. Brilliant Breathless Balloon
  6. Squirmy Worms

The first 3 experiments also make up the ‘Explore Box 1,’ aimed at children age 6 years up. For a sneak peek at this box, head over to: Letterbox Lab – Explore Box Review

The older girls really enjoyed the first 3 experiments. They were are a great start, building up to the more involved experiments to follow…..

  1. Incredible Inks


2. Rainbow Glasses


3. Rainbow Spinners


4. Liquid Rainbow

In the top right hand corner of each experiment, you will find  ‘Messiness Rating.’ A messiness rating 0f 2 or above, suggests the experiment is performed within the box. This particular experiment was ‘Messiness Rating’ 3. We conducted the experiment on the table, as I had lay down a protective sheet, but the experiment could easily have be done within the box.


5. Brilliant Breathless Balloons



6. Squirmy Worms

After each experiment there is a ‘What did you discover’ page, detailing what has happened and why, as well as pages detailing any chemicals used and their scientific names.

The girls found all the experiments fascinating and loved learning all about them.

The Investigate Box is designed for 2 – 3 hours of Scientific fun. We found this to be about right, as the girls conducted the experiments after School over 2 evenings. However, this didn’t include going onto the Letterbox Lab website to explore the supporting material, so there really is a lot of fun to be had.

The Investigate Box is priced at £21.99, plus postage, which we feel is a very reasonable price. The quality of the equipment is very good, (even the scissors cut wonderfully!) and a lot of the equipment you can keep for re-use, such as the Perti Dish and the Goggles.

Letterbox Lab are currently taking Pre-orders of these fantastic boxes, so head over to www.letterboxlab.com, to grab up to 20% off yours.

If you’d like a visual sneak peak of Experiments 3 -6, head over to our YouTube Channel for a short video: Investigate Box 1



Note: We were sent the Investigate Box for the purposes of this review. However, all words and opinions are our own.














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