Letterbox Lab – Explore Box Review

When Letterbox Lab contacted us, to asked if we’d like to look at their new Letterbox Science Lab Subcriptions, we couldn’t wait to try them out!

Launching 18th April 2017, there will be a choice of two Lab Kits, which fit perfectly through your Letterbox; the Explore Box, aimed at children aged 6 years and up, and the Investigate Box, aimed at children aged 8 years and up.


But, it doesn’t end there! Each box will have an associated members’ section on the Letterbox Lab Website (www.letterboxlab.com ) containing Video Instructions, Curriculum Links, a Parent’s ‘Cheat Sheet’ and a Monthly Science-themed Recipe! There is so much for children, and Adults, to explore.

So, what can you expect to find inside…..

Explorer Box Kit


As this box is aimed at children aged 6 years up, I decided to explore the box with Miss A, aged 5 (almost 6) and allow Little Miss (aged 3), to take part with Supervision, where safe to do so.

I began by reading through the booklet and the safety sheets, before giving the girl the box, just to ensure I was aware of what we were going to be doing.


The sheets were very clear and simple to understand.

The Theme for this box of the Experiments was

“Hidden Rainbows”

Inside the box were three Experiments:

1. Incredible Inks

2. Rainbow Glasses

3. Rainbow spinners

Everything you need is included. Even scissors, sticky dots, pens and pencils!

We began with the Rainbow Glasses….


The enclosed Instruction Booklets are fantastic! They’re bright, colorful, easy to read and the girls just loved the Characters.Throughout the booklet there are also ‘Safety Checklists’ to encourage the girls to be involved in the safety side of things. The girls loved these and couldn’t wait to check the safety notes for each experiment.

You’ll also find prompts, to encourage children to think about what might be happening during the experiments, to ask questions and they are even given tips on how they may extend their findings! In the top, right hand corner, you’ll find a ‘Messiness’ rating. When ‘Messiness is 2 or more splats, it’s suggested you perform the activity inside the box.

After each experiment, you’ll also find a “What did you discover” page, giving further explanation as to what happened during the experiment and why….I even learnt something here!


The girls had great fun making a wearing their glasses. They spent ages looking for light and seeing different shaped rainbows….


We then went on to look at the Rainbow Spinners…..


and to investigate some Incredible Inks!!


This box was aimed perfectly at Miss A’s age range. She was completely engrossed in the experiments throughout and can not wait for the next box to arrive!


The Explore Box monthly subscription is £7.99*, plus postage, and is designed to last 30 – 40 minutes, but the girls spent a good 2 hours exploring, investigating and asking questions, even after everything was packed away! We feel the box is great value for money. Not only is the quality and presentation excellent, you can keep the contents, such as the Petri dish and Scissors in this particular box, to build up your own Science kit. Plus, there’s so much more to access online!

If your child is aged 8 years or older, Letterbox Lab also have the larger ‘Investigate Box,’ containing all the experiments in the Explore Box, plus more, for 2 – 3 hours of investiagavite fun! Take a sneak peek at the Investigate Box here: Letterbox Lab – Investigate Box 1 Review

*Letterbox Lab are currently taking Pre-orders, so head over to www.letterboxlab.com to grab up to 20% Early Bird Discount on your subscription.

If you’d like s closer look, we’ve also put together a short video on our YouTube Channel  here:  Letterbox Lab, Explore Box 1

Note: We were sent one Explorer Box for the purposes of this review, however, all words and opinions are our own.


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