'It's not you, it's me.' A letter, and a promise, to my Potty Training Daughter

Dear Daughter,

You’re the last of my babies to potty train, but you’ll be 4 years old in September, and I’ve failed so far.

We’ve tried three times this year and each time you’ve ended up back in nappies.

But, it’s not you, it’s me.

I get impatient with you in the morning, when we need to get to School. Waiting for you to use the potty, so we can finally leave the house.

When you sit there and say “I think I’m doing a poo.” I sigh, when I should be encouraging, not rushing you.

I carried the potty everywhere when your sisters were learning, but keep forgetting this time, and your stubbornness to sit on it, makes it easy for me to resort to nappies, especially on the School run.

As you know, Mummy hasn’t been very well, and being on my hands and knees, cleaning the floor (and you) after every accident, was difficult and tiring.

I was grumpy with you, when I shouldn’t have been.

When you didn’t wet yourself all morning at Preschool, then you walked through the door and wet the entire hall, I should have praised your achievements, not focused on your accident.

When you wet the car in Tesco’s car park, just after I had sat you on the toilet minutes beforehand, it wasn’t really that bad. The mats came up for washing and we still got to School on time, but I gave up, and put you back in nappies.

You’re one of the older girls at Preschool, even though you don’t start School until next year, and all of your close friends wear knickers. I feel sad that you’re still in nappies.

It’s not you though, it’s me. I’ve not been ready…. but I am now.

You’re a huge Paw Patrol fan and I found the most perfect stickers and knickers for you. You love them, and you’re doing so well.

Two accidents today, but you’ve tried really hard and been so excited when you’ve made it to the potty.

I’m so proud of you.

This time, I will not let you down. This time, you’ll get to be the ‘big girl’ you deserve to be,

I promise.

Love you always,

Mummy  x x







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