Halloween fun at West Lodge Farm Park.

This week, we visited one of our favorite family attractions, West Lodge Farm Park, for some Halloween fun.

We love visiting the farm all year round, but their event days/weeks are so much fun and the girls really look forward to them.

This week, was our first visit to the farm since the opening of their new Indoor Adventure Barn, which we couldn’t wait to explore!

The Adventure Barn theme, is of a forest, with a tree house taking centre stage and is included in your entry fee.

There’s a small area for young children, which includes a little play hut, some wooden floor games, a little pod, containing some story books and a projector, which had Little Miss totally mesmerized.

In the larger woodland area, for older children, there’s a climbing wall (with sensors making sounds), a couple of curly slides and a steeper, straight slide, allowing two people to race side by side.

There’s also wobbly bridges, netted bridges, tunnels and walkways. The girls had a wonderful time exploring and playing.


Within the barn, there’s a little cafe, serving drinks (hot and cold) as well as cakes, biscuits and sandwiches, next to a seating area. Upstairs there’s even a little picnic themed area for parties, which the girls thought was lovely.

We spent a good 40 minutes playing, before heading off to visit the Pumpkin Patch and to carve a Pumpkin.

This, again, was a new and a fabulous idea! You walk through a small barn to the sweetest little Pumpkin patch, with beautiful scenery, making the whole experience feel really special. The girls found a wheel barrow and set off in search of the perfect Pumpkin.

Our determined Little Miss, desperately wanted to pick up the biggest she could find, all by herself. With a bit of help (unbeknown to her) she got it into the wheel barrow and we set off to dig out and design our Pumpkin.


Back inside the barn, we used the spoons provided to scoop out the inside of our Pumpkin, putting the contents into a large bucket, which will later be served to the pigs!

The girls drew their design onto the Pumpkin, then left it with one of the farm staff to cut out, and for us to collect later.

Next, we headed to the The Spooky Walkway. Myself and my eldest three daughters love this. It’s very dark inside, lit with minimal lighting and lots of spooky surprises. Nothing jumps out at you, but if you walk into props hanging from the ceiling, you may have a fright! It’s fine for the younger ones, but I’d suggest holding their hands, as they may scream and run the other way. Below are a mixture of photos from inside The Spooky Walkway, from this week and previous years, as I didn’t take many, because we had a runner! 😂

We then went to visit the Witches House. There’s no extra charge for this, but you do need to book a time slot on entry to the farm, as each visit has limited spaces. Inside, we learnt all about the Witch who lives in the farm woods and were shown all around her house. We even got to help out with some magic, which the girls thought was amazing.

Then it was on to the Ghost Story.  As I said before, we have been visiting the West Lodge Farm for several years. Each year, they manage to come up with yet another great Ghost Story, both funny and spooky. This year, it was of a childhood camping experience.

If all we’d done so far wasn’t enough, we also got to pet some small animals in Cuddle Corner, watched a Piglet Race, fed the goats and chickens, went on a barrel ride and played in the park! We could have gone on one of the farm walks, groomed a pony, booked a Spooky Tractor or Pony ride, but we weren’t able to stay all day on this occasion.

A huge amount of thought and effort goes into each event day/weeks at West Lodge Farm. There were cobwebs, spiders and all sorts of Halloween props all around the farm that day, including in the toilets!

We had a fantastic Spooky day out and can’t wait for the next event day.


Patricia x



Note: I have not been asked to write about our day at West Lodge Farm and they were not aware of our visit on the day. All words and opinions are our own. We genuinely had a wonderful day and would highly recommend it as a fabulous family day out.
















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