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Some of you may have noticed the blog has had a name change….. just days before my first Britmums Live! – I’ve never been one to make this easy for myself 🙈

As much as I loved ‘Four Little Girls, the Mummy Memoirs,’ it was a mouthful to say and many a time, people told me, they found it hard to find on social media platforms.

The blog has also grown into something more than only stories of the girls and I’ve found myself with so many posts, all sitting in ‘draft,’ which just didn’t fit with the old name.

‘Busy Mum of Girls’ broadens what I can publish and allows me to write about me too, as a Mum and as a Mum of girls. Therefore, if I write about my new found love of running or past struggles with an eating disorder, it won’t look quite so out of place or have people confused, expecting each post to be solely about the girls.

I have also found, that my eldest daughter doesn’t always wish to appear on the blog, which I completely understand. This has led to me being asked “Where’s your fourth daughter” or “I thought you had four?” when only my youngest daughter’s appeared in posts. (!!??😕)

Anyway, ultimately, the blog is still going to be very much the same, just with a little bit more of me thrown in. ☺

Patricia x


Bringing up Georgia


  1. September 23, 2017 / 12:20 pm

    Yay so happy you made brave decision to change your name, I’ve not long made the transfer too. ❤️❤️ i was mummytologan

    • September 23, 2017 / 12:08 pm

      Ah, thank you. I don’t know about you, but it feels like a huge weight has been lifted and that I finally start publishing all the content, currently sitting in ‘draft.’ 😊 It’s funny how something, so trivial as a blog name, can hold you back. x

  2. September 23, 2017 / 9:02 am

    Great new name, much easier to remember I think, I like it.

    • September 23, 2017 / 12:11 pm

      Thank you. 😊 I agree. Giving out the old name to companies, was starting to get embarrassing and writing it down took ages! 😂 It feels much more focused now and I’m quite excited about moving things forward.

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