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Bulimia. My Story. #EatingDisorderAwareness

This post has taken some time for me to write and even longer for me to find the courage to share. There are still parts of my journey, which I’ve not gone into too much detail about here, but they are their own story and one day, maybe I will share those too. But for

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My Reluctant Smile*

* With images, that some may find unpleasant. You may have noticed, I don’t properly smile in photos. I don’t appear on Instagram Stories, and my YouTube Channel is rather sparse. I used to smile a lot. In fact, people would comment that I was always smiling. That was, until May 2015, when I had

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Why I’m supporting #Sockit to Eating Disorders.

This week (27th February – 5th March) is Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Well, I had all these wonderful ideas for this week. Things I was going to say, things I was going to do. But, I hadn’t anticipated just how hard it was going to be, to write about my past and then to send

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