Am I BritMums Live ready?

In all honesty, I’m not sure I’ll ever be totally ‘ready’ in every sense of the word, as I’m feeling quite nervous about it all, from the travel, to the event itself.

However, this is what I have physically ready, as well as how I am planning to deal with my anxieties on the day.

What’s in my bag?


I’ve decided on a fairly large sized bag, with a shoulder strap, as well as handles, because I feel this is most appropriate for travelling around London. This bag has many compartments and I’m looking forward to organising where everything will go.

Inside my bag, I will have:

  • a spiral bound notebook, from Wilkinsons, for taking notes.
  • my wallet
  • Hyco San eye drops for dry eyes. I shall be wearing my contact lenses all day and find these drops by far the best for keeping my eyes from drying out
  • a pencil case, containing a woodland themed pencil, sharpener, rubber and ruler, all from Wilkinsons, as well as coloured pens and a Busy B pen


  • a packet of tic tacs
  • lip balm
  • Rescue Remedy drops. These really helped with my anxiety, during my exams, so, whether psychological or not, they work for me and are going in the bag 🙂
  • Busy Mum of Girls business cards
  • Kikki K notebook, containing a notepad, pen and paper clip, as well as a few motivational cards from Kikki K and Yes Mum.


  • a tiny pack of wipes from, as I feel a bit lost leaving the house without some form of baby wipe in my bag!
  • a pack of tissues
  • decaf tea bags, just in case there isn’t any available
  • hand sanitizer. I’m not a huge germ freak, but I do like to have some hand sanitizer in my bag, especially as I’m likely to be using the underground.

I shall also pack my phone, for those all important photos, and my train and BritMums tickets, as well as the BritMums Agenda for the day.

What am I wearing?


I’m yet to decide on which top I’ll be wearing, but it’ll be one of the two above, both from H&M, with a pair of black trousers and comfortable shoes, also from H&M.

I’ve decided to accessorise with my watch, from New Look and my heart necklace, bought for me from my girls.


You’ll usually find me in leggings or 3/4 trousers and a baggy top at home, but I’ve chosen something a little smarter for BritMums, just for a confidence boost.

Depending on the weather, I may bring a coat, but I think I’ll be inside, whether on a train or in a building, so I might go without.

Unfortunately, I can’t attend the awards, which I’m gutted about. Therefore, I haven’t had to consider whether I’ll need an evening outfit or not.

Make up.

I don’t wear much make up and won’t be wearing any extra for BritMums.

My usual make up consists of:

  • Olay Total Effects 7 moisturiser, with a touch of foundation, blended with a Spectrum brush
  • Sleek blusher, using a large Cath Kidston brush
  • Sleek mascara, black
  • Sleek ‘Matte Me’ lip tint


How I plan to deal with my anxieties.

As you will have seen in my bag, I will be using Bach Rescue Remedy if I feel overwhelmed. This has helped me on occasion over the years, so will definitely be coming along for the ride.

I always feel anxious about leaving the girls, even though they’ll be absolutely fine with their Dad. I just find it terribly hard to switch off from being Mum and having four children very dependent on me. I’m constantly thinking about them and Mr C, so plan to send lots of texts home. ☺️

When it comes to managing my anxieties over the travelling, I try to plan it out in my mind in first. I often break the journey down into ‘stages.’ Once I have completed each ‘stage,’ I take a deep breath and move on to the next.

I try not to think of the journey as a whole, as that feels far too overwhelming. Breaking it down into smaller, shorter ‘stages,’ somehow make it feel less scary and more achievable.

I also ensure that I can stop at any one of the ‘stages’ and take a little longer to compose, if I wish. Maybe I’ll stop for a coffee or choose to walk a little way, if I’m finding the underground too much.

I’m sure my anxieties about the event itself, will soon disappear when I arrive. I think my biggest concern is how I will come across socially. I can be terribly quiet and my missing tooth can make it even harder for me to socialise confidently.

I also feel like a very little fish, in a very big pond. To remind myself, that I do have something to offer and I am just as worthy as anyone else to be there, I’ll be bringing a few ‘Yes Mum’ cards with me, to keep up the pep talk and confidence.

Overall, I’m really looking forward to my first BritMums Live.

Will you be there? Do you think I’ve considered everything or could you offer any advice to lessen my anxieties?

If so, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Patricia x 





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