Our day at Kidtropolis.

Kidtropolis was a family fun event, held on Tues 25th, Weds 26th & Thurs 27th of October 2016, at the ExCeL in London. You could book a 4hr session, either in the morning (9.30 – 1.30) or in the afternoon (2 -6pm).

We booked our 4hr session for the Wednesday afternoon, but, having read the reviews from Tuesday, we were really unsure about even going at all! Comments stated that the event was “disorganised,” “poorly run,” “over crowded” and “poor value for money,” so we were extremely anxious when we began our 3hr journey to London.

However, I can honestly say, we loved every minute!!

Ok, so, there were queues and we didn’t make it on to the My Little Pony Bus, the Assault Course or some of the gaming stations, because the queues were rather long, but there was so much to see and do, that the girls were kept busy and very happy throughout.

We’ve attend similar busy events with the girls, since they were very small, such as Camping & Caravan Shows, so we had an idea of what to expect in terms of the queues, price

of food and drinks and what would keep the girls entertained. The girls have come to accept that they can’t always do everything and we always make sure we take plenty snacks and drinks, as it just wouldn’t be worth us going to these places if we had to buy food and drink, all day, for six people. Occasionally, we’ll treat them to a cake or an ice cream though. 🙂

We found the event pretty well organised. Tickets were checked and wristbands handed out as we waited in the queue to get in, then checked again on entry. There was nothing we could really fault, other than some of the queues not being very clearly marked. There were lots of stands, posters and freestanding promotional material, which, at times, made it hard to work out where you should be queuing for what.

Based on yesterday’s comments, we  decided against standing in the long queues and just explored the many exhibitor stands and their activities, as well as the live entertainment on the stage. However, I must say, the queues didn’t appear as long as yesterday. We did make it on to the Helter Skelter, into the Roller Disco and on to the Driving School Cars, so the girls were more than happy.

There was lots of music and entertainment on the stage, from E-Bop.TV & the Bopkins, to the Guinness World Records Live, as well as Amazing Arabella & MC DT performing ‘Bloggerholics,’ which got everyone up on their feet!

Over at the stands, there was so much to explore!

Here are a few of our highlights…..

With Big Potato Games, we played two rounds of Rainbow Rage, which is a highly addictive spot the difference game. You have to be the first person to grab the colours, which have been swapped on each of the rainbow cards, then use them to build your own rainbow. The winner is the first person to complete their rainbow. The girls picked the game up really quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it!


With the Night Zoo Keeper, we were shown how to create creatures, write short stories and were introduced to the Night Zoo Keeper. The girls really enjoyed this. We also bought the book too, so can’t wait to read it!


We had great fun creating our very own rainbow glasses with the Letterbox Lab, then testing them out on some colour changing lights. They suggested we use them to look at the Fireworks, so we can’t wait to see what happens!


At BigJigs Rail we found the perfect Christmas present for Little Miss, who really loves her Trains, Cars and any form of transport really. They have a fabulous range of wooden Train sets, suitable for both girls and boys, so Santa will most definitely be paying them a visit!

We also discovered some incredible Playcolor solid poster paint pens , which we used to paint a brick to add to their Wall of London…


We had a lot of fun building with the incredible Magformers. Really easy to build with for all four girls, with lots of amazing kits to buy. We all loved the demos!

Exploring the teepees, gifts and colouring with Rebecca, at Just For Tiny People….


We even had a game of Dobble, which even Little Miss was able to play with us, so this will definitely be on the Christmas games list!


The Google Expeditions was a lot of fun too, looking around caves using the virtual reality viewers.


Another highlight, was watching Jason Bradbury fly the Micro Drones with the Extreme Fliers. They were amazing. We could have watched them for ages!


We also made the most of some photo opportunities, with all our favourite characters….


…. and LOVED meeting Pete the animatronic dinosaur!


We had an amazing day. Thank you Kidtropolis!

We can’t wait for next year! 🙂


Please Note: This was our own personal experience of the event. We were not asked to write a review about our time at Kidtropolis, nor did we tell Kidtropolis or any of the stands that we wrote a blog, until we were leaving, so no special treatment was given whilst we were there. All opinions are our own. 


When your children won’t stand still for a photo! ……