Insect Lore – Our Butterfly Garden Experience

I purchased the Butterfly Garden about 3 years ago, when working as a Childminder. It was an amazing experience and one I  would definitely recommend to all Childminders and Child Carers.

I really wanted to share this experience again, with my own children. So, here’s how we got on this Summer…..

As I already had the Butterfly Garden (currently priced at £20 and includes a voucher for 5 live caterpillars), we only required the Caterpillars, which we were able to purchase direct from Insect Lore on their website ( ). In order to purchase the Caterpillars, you can either redeem your voucher (included in the Butterfly Garden) or purchase separately as a ‘refill.’ You are even able to select a despatch date, so you have a good idea of when they may arrive.

The Caterpillars arrive in a small box. Inside the box is a Chrysalis Station and a pot, with a lid, containing food and 5 tiny Caterpillars. This contains everything you need for the first stage, as they eat their way through the food and rapidly increase in size.


Our Caterpillars then made their way up to the lid of the pot and slowly transformed into Chrysalides, within about 3 weeks of receiving them.

After 3 days of allowing the Chrysalides to harden, we carefully removed the lid and placed it into the Chrysalis Station, then into the Butterfly Garden. One of our Chrysalides had fallen inside the pot, shortly after hardening, but we still placed this into the Butterfly Garden, in the hope a Butterfly would emerge.

10 days later, one of our Butterflies emerged….


….. followed by four more, including fallen one!

Once we had all five Butterflies, the girls wanted to make their habitat even more interesting for them, so we purchased some more fruits and flowers to add to the Butterfly Garden.

We were even lucky enough to watch the Butterflies enjoying their fruit. Excuse Little Miss singing… she thought they might like to hear a song. 🙂

We observed the Butterflies for 3 days, adding fresh fruit and flowers, and removing the old, each day. They were beautiful and the girls loved being so close to them.


On day 3, we let the Butterflies go. The girls were so lucky to have them land on their hands and then watch them fly off above their heads.


An extra feature, which we really enjoyed, was the  emails we received, explaining what stage our  Caterpillars were approaching and how to prepare. This was a really good feature and the girls loved reading them.

Insect Lore also do a huge range of educational material to bring science to life, including life cycle cards, ladybird, stick insect and silkworm kits, as well as bug catchers, keepers and viewers.

We had a wonderful time watching our Caterpillars grow and become Butterflies. With so many fantastic products from Insect Lore, we can’t wait to continue exploring…