Star Monsters – Series 2

We first discovered the Star Monsters at the Funfest 2016 Bloggers Summit, where they went on to win ‘Best Pocket Money Toy’ and the ‘FunFest Product of the Year Award.’

We were very kindly given the Star Monsters Series 2 Starter Pack, along with a couple of the Mini Capsule packs in the girl’s goody bags. We were so impressed, that we wanted to share them with you….

The idea behind the Star Monsters is, they are triangular stars, who have fallen from the sky and take on the shape of wherever they land. This could be anything from a microphone or spotlight, to a snake, or even a hairdryer!



Their origin is identified by looking at either the card which comes with the Star Monster’s in the Capsule packs (as shown above),  looking through the sticker Album-Guide (shown below) or on their website:


Rodulf, in the Album-Guide

All Star Monsters begin as the ‘Essential White’ Star Monster, then develop into crystal colours. Each have their own ‘Family,’ such as Sound, Plant, Ice and the mysterious Shadow Family (which are our particular favourites).

You can also collect Silver (rare), Gold (very rare) or Evolved Star Monsters, so there really are many to find.

We feel the Star Monsters are very reasonably priced. The starter pack itself is priced at £4 and really does contain everything you’ll need to start collecting, including a some fantastic games to play with your collection.


Star Monsters Series 2 Start Pack



Starter pack contents.



Star Monsters Arena Game

The small Star Monsters packs are priced at £1 and contain two Star Monsters, and two stickers for your album.


Small Star Monsters Packs £1

The Mini Capsule packs contain two Star Monsters and a mini capsule, which can be joined with other capsules, either side by side or above and below. These are priced at £2 a pack.


Mini Capsule Packs £2

The packaging is fun and very appealing, with it’s bright, bold colours. The characters themselves are very well made and as colourful as their pictures. We love the story behind them and it was just as much fun trying to guess what each star had landed on, as it was to flick through the Album-Guide to find out.




Connecting Capsules

Miss L  just loved opening them and asked if I could film her, so here is her debut video appearance (along with her little sister!) ……

Opening the Mini Capsule Packs…


As you can see, we love the Star Monsters and are looking forward to growing our collection.



Note: We were not asked to mention or review the Star Monsters. We were given the Star Monsters Starter pack and Capsule Packs as part of goody bags and promotional material handed out at FunFest 2016. All words and opinions are completely our own.



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