Review: Handy Herbs, Kit For Kids.

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We first purchased the ‘Handy Herbs, Kit for Kids,’ at the beginning of the Summer Holidays.

I was looking to grow some herbs, fruit or vegetables with the girls. It needed to be something easy, something that:

1. Would actually grow!

2. Needed little space to grow.

3. That we would be able to use/cook with.

Well, the Handy Herbs Kit for Kids appeared to be all of the above, and when I read the words “Self Watering Pot,” I was sold!

We purchased the item direct from the Handy Herbs website, ( which, I have to say, is pretty awesome in itself:

There’s a ‘Child Friendly Receipe’ section, with some fantastic receipes, set out under each herb you are growing with your child/ren, so you can select, at a glance, which herb you are going to cook with that day!

In the ‘Children’s Corner,’ there are games and growth charts, adding to the growing experience, as well as information about each herb.

I wish I had come across this site when I worked as a Childminder. It would make such a wonderful group project, especially for Childminders with limited time and space for growing with their children.

The ordering of the product was very quick and easy. Simply by pressing a purple ‘Buy a Kit for Kids’ button, I was taken to a another page, detailing exactly what was included in the £14.99 kit, and added it to cart. I then followed the prompts and was soon in receipt of my confirmation email.

Within days, our parcel arrived!

The packaging was very impressive and certainly appealed to the girls. They could not wait to look inside.

The kit contained the following:

  • 1 Self Watering Pot
  • 4 Compost Discs
  • 1 Instructiom Card
  • 4 Receipe Card
  • 4 Character Stickers
  • 4 Coloured Plant Sticks
  • 4 Packets is Seeds

The contents was, visually, very appealing to the girls. Bright colours, smiling, happy faced herbs….. and stickers are always a winner with kids! 🙂

The Self  Watering Pot is very sturdy and it feels a good quality product. All the herbs were clearly marked and their packaging colours corresponded to the colours on the recipe cards, stickers and plant sticks. This is wonderful, as it allowed my 4 and 2 year old to match and prepare the items, even though they can’t read.

The enclosed ‘Instruction Card’ was really clear and easy to understand. However, the girls were a little over enthusiastic, so we haven’t followed it in the exact same order here, but the principle is the same. 🙂

Setting up our pot.

We began by placing the 4 compost discs into a bowl and adding 1 litre of warm tap water.

The girls, particularly our 2yr old, were memorised, watching the compost expand!

Whilst we waited, we placed the herb stickers on the outside of the white container.

After 10 minutes, the girls took it in turns to stir the compost, then 3/4 filled the four green pots.

(This is the point where we divert, a little, from the ‘instruction card’!!)

Each of the girls chose a seed packet and a, colour corresponding, plant stick. They poured the seeds into the palm of their hands.

They loved looking at the seeds, comparing the shapes, sizes and feel to each others and discussing who’s they thought would grow first.

Once sprinkled into their pots, they covered the seeds with the remaining soil and pushed in their plant sticks.

I then removed two of the pots and filled the reservoir with half a litre of water.

Our herbs were now ready to take their position, on the kitchen windowsill.

The Self Watering pot is a fantastic idea. Water is absorbed up from the reservoir and provides just the right amount water for the herbs to grow.

I am that person who ‘over waters,’ killing pretty much anything I attempt to grow, so this has worked a treat for me! Plus, when the herbs do start to grow, you don’t squash/drown them, as you would normally, when pouring water from the top.

Within weeks, our herbs looked like this!!:

They are still growing strong … and we’ve cooked with them too !!  (recipe to follow on the blog shortly)

We are so impressed with this ‘Kit for Kids.’ The girls love it and we would definitely recommend it, including the Handy Herbs website, for all children to grow, explore and use their own herbs in cooking.

Note:  We were not asked by Handy Herbs to write a review and brought this product for the full price, as a project for over the Summer 2015. We chose to write a review, as we are genuinely enjoying the product and want to share this with our readers.

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