The #11thingstag… Find out a bit more about me!


Eeeek…. I can’t believe you tagged me in this Claire @thefrfamily!! But, you know I like a challenge (albeit, usually of the food variety), so I shall say “Thank you” and here we go……

What made you start blogging?

Several Mums from School, my Sister, a lady from a Photography Shop (you know who you are!) and a desire to put our everyday, ridiculous life into focus.

I mean, who turns up at the wrong Ferry Port, with 3 children excited children in tow…. Who almost showers themselves in baby poo, whilst changing baby number 4…. Who wastes their time arguing with a 3 year old over whether that is grass or pesto on their Pizza…. and who has a 7 year old, who is incapable of playing Crazy Golf, without actually going crazy herself, EVERY TIME?!!

We all have good and bad days as Parents, and I certainly don’t always get it right, but I do try to laugh at the disasters.

Also, and I’ve not touched on this within my blog yet (as it’s harder to write about than I imagined), our eldest suffers with anxiety. This can turn a day around in a split second. A year ago, if she was in her ‘hyper’ state, I’d have cancelled any plans and have stayed in. If she was in her ‘aggressive’ state, again, everything cancelled and battened down the hatches. Nowadays, I use every tactic I have learnt, to support her anxieties and leave the house….. whilst praying for a miracle…. but we’re getting there! 😁

Her obsession this week has been make-up brushes, but I’ll tell you about that little beauty another day! 😒

As well as all of the above, I just enjoy writing!

What is your favourite food?

Takeaway: Chinese.

Home cooked: Lasagne, with salad.

Home from hospital, with new baby: Mince and beans, cooked by Adrian. ☺️

How does your life compare to how you expected it to be?

I’m not sure I ever ‘expected’ anything. It could have been very different though:

At 10 years old, I wanted to be a vet. I adored All Creatures Great and Small. James Herriot was my hero. Even seeing his arm up a cow’s bottom didn’t put me off. But, the closest I got to becoming a Vet, was Trainee Assistant Manager, in a Pet Shop.

Then, I wanted to be an Archaeologist. Discovering something new and how people lived years ago, totally fascinates me.

But, a year before taking my GCSE’s, bottom of my English set at School and borderline needing extra help, a new English Teacher (Miss Simmonds I think her name was), made English fun, and I found a love for writing.

I went on to achieve an A and a B in English, and decided Journalism was the job for me!

However, life took a different course and I took a job in a Pet Shop. (As you do!)

A couple of years later, I met Adrian and 5 years after that, Mo arrived.

With baby no. 3 on the way and whilst looking for ways to support Mo’s anxieties, I began my career in Childcare and throughly enjoy every minute!

Since starting my blog, I’ve realised how much I have missed writing. To be able to write about our girls and for people to read the blog, and maybe even laugh occasionally, is just amazing.

Thinking back on what could have been…. I’m more than happy with, what is. 😊

What one piece of advice would you give teenage you?

Probably not too dissimilar to now: To stop worrying what people think.

(Can you see now, why this journalism route was never going to have worked?!)

When all is said and done what do you want to be remembered for?

For being someone with a good heart, who cared and who gave her children the best start in life.

Where would you go for your perfect holiday?

It would have to be France. I love France. I’m not really into laying around on tropical beaches or having people waiting on me.

I love pretty little villages, afternoon teas, exploring new places and learning about it’s history.

I love the relaxed pace of life in France. I love the fact that most of France closes for 2 hours at lunch time. Ok, this isn’t always great when holidaying with children, but I love that France stops for 2 hours a day for food, drink and a sit down. ☺️

How do you drink your tea?

Very often springs to mind, but, white, no sugar, is a more appropriate answer!

Whilst being pregnant with my first daughter, I developed pregnancy tachycardia and have never been able to drink more than two cups of tea or coffee before my heart begins to race, so have had to switch to decaffeinated tea and coffee. Which mean, most days, I am functioning on little sleep, without the aid of caffeine!!

What was the worst purchase you ever made and why?

Oh dear, I’ve made a few. I think the one that I’ve come across, again, this morning, is lace knickers.

I never wear lace. I like plain and comfortable, so no idea why I bought two, 3 packs, of black lace knickers!

I think I had a moment of: “You’re 35 years old. You have four children and you’re not getting any younger. For goodness sakes women, wear some nice underwear!”

All they do, is remind me of how prudish I clearly am and to take up half the underwear draw! Definitely one of my worst purchases!

What is the best thing about being you?

Hmmm….. (I had to leave this to last) ……..

On return, I would say, that I can laugh at the bad, the ugly and downright blooming awful days.

Do you have any pets? If not what would you have and why?

Sadly, no. I just don’t think I have the time to give a pet the time he/she deserves at the minute.

As a child, we had chickens, ducks, goats, 3 rabbits, a cat and a dog. I would go horse riding and often head up the road to see geese and pigs at a nearby farm. I’d love for my girls to experience this, but our garden would not allow it.

I would love a dog though, when the girls are a bit older. 😊

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

I grew up in Cornwall. First, we lived in little villages near Bude, then we moved into Bude itself.

I think my favourite would be, aged 11/12 years old, spending every spare moment, with my brother, down at a nearby river.

It was a good 10 minute walk from our house, down a very narrow lane, but Mum and Dad let us go. No mobile phones and I couldn’t swim, but we spent days making bridges to cross the river and into the field opposite, containing several cows and one very mean looking bull. I’m not sure if he ever did charge us, but I remember screaming, running out of that field, as fast as our legs could carry us!

We used to go out a lot, but sadly, it doesn’t feel as safe for children any more.

Thank you for reading till the end! 😊


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