What a busy week we’ve had……

I didn’t think we’d done an awful lot this week, but when I thought about it, we have!


We headed down to our little town by the sea! The girls had a wonderful time playing in the giant sandpit, then splashing in the water fountains.

image    image

Luckily, I’d packed a full change of clothes for each of the girls, so they could really enjoy the water! ☺️


We had a day at home.

The girls played ‘families,’ and set up their homes in various rooms in the house. At times, just finding somewhere to sit was virtually impossible, but they played so well together, and all helped to tidy up at tea time. We also got the stickers and cellotape out to create collages. Mi particularly enjoyed this, giggling when they stuck to her fingers. She also learnt a few new words, whilst asking me what the stickers were of. 😊

image     image



We headed down to Wicksteed Park for their ‘Play day’ with my sister and nephew. The theme was ‘Bubbles’ and it was fantastic! The girls and their cousin had a fabulous time:

dressing up….

image    image

playing with cardboard….

Four Little Girl Blog    image

making trains, and falling out of trains!!

image    image

The bubbles were quite spectacular. The girls looked on in awe, a huge mass of bubbles floated up across the crowds and into the sky. Children of all ages were jumping and squealing, desperately trying to pop them. It was a wonderful to watch.

image    image

When we attend large or busy events, I like to give the girls a ‘meeting point,’ should they lose us, reminding them that no one but Mummy or Daddy (or whoever else we may be with on the day) will collect them from this ‘meeting point’ and they must wait for us there. Today’s meeting point was a large inflatable bottle of Gazillion Bubble mixture!!


Ai proved, early on, that she had understood my instructions, as no sooner had we arrived, she’d decided she was lost, and made her way to the meeting point, almost walking straight past us!! 😳 At least we know she was listening I guess!

From the play day event, we headed down to the sand and water, at the bottom end of the park, for some messy play! The girls and their cousin had an amazing time, squelching wet sand through their fingers and toes, running water down troughs to large sandy puddles and pulling sand up, to then go down shoots and wheels.

image    image

image    image

Lo and Ai then set about seeing how far they could get the water to travel through the sand…… something I remember doing in my childhood! (They got it to travel, roughly, a metre from the source, if anyone is interested! πŸ˜‰)



Mo decided she was going to make shortbread. 

She blended 140g (8oz) of butter, with 55g (20z) of caster sugar, then stirred in 225g (8oz) of plain flour to form the dough. 

She rolled it out to 1cm thick and cut out 15 small rounds, then placed them on a baking tray to go into a 180c preheated oven for 10-12 minutes.

Mi then walked up to me with a swimming noodle….. and the battle began!! I grabbed another swimming noodle and we fought! 

She shouted “Bash! Bash!” whilst giggling hysterically. 

12 minutes later, I took the shortbread out from the oven and placed them on a rack to cool….. then went back to my swimming noodle battle!

I won. ☺️ Mi got tired and went for her nap. (No stamina these 1 year olds old olds!)



We dropped Mi off at the childminders and headed into town, firstly, for me to get some filing done. We stopped off at Wilkinsons on the way, for a pack of pens, a bag of sweets and a roll of lining paper. 

The girls loved rolling the paper out on the store-room floor, drawing, whilst I set about filing in the office. It kept them busy for the whole 2 hours! 😊


We then purchased our marshmallows, for the ‘Kids in the Kitchen Challenge,’ and in to McDonalds for a lunchtime treat. 

Mo says, I need to mention, that the new Happy Meal Chicken Wrap was “amazing” …… so now you know! ☺️

After collecting Mi, we set about our Marshmallow challenge. See how we got on here:http://wp.me/p4MKlw-16


Well, we were supposed to start on making a little fairy garden, in the corner of our garden, but were attacked by ants! Poor Mi’s legs were covered, so we have had put that to one side for now, whilst we decide how to deal with the little ant issue! 😬

However, we managed to find an ant free patch, in which to set out some water and bubble play….. whilst wearing a tutu, obviously!


All four of the girls never seem to tire of playing with water and bubbles, from blowing them, popping them, covering each other in them and eating them, they always have a lot of fun.


We have birthday parties to attend, so today will undoubtedly be spent chasing a wild 1 yr old around soft play areas…… and sneaking a quick go myself! πŸ˜‰

Next week, rain is forecast, so lets see what we can get up to……..