Kids in the Kitchen, Cookery Challenge. Marshmallows……

Me: “Girls. What would you like to make with marshmallows?”

Miss L: ” Oooooo….. a bridge….  and a castle!”

Miss M: “Can we make chocolate shards too?”

I had to ask didn’t I? I couldn’t have just said “Hey girls, we’re going to make …..” πŸ˜’

Ok, so here we go……

A marshmallow castle, with a marshmallow bridge and chocolate shards….

We used:

  • 2 150g bags of marshmallows
  • 4 45g bars of milk chocolate
  • 1 60g packet of white chocolate buttons
  • 1 60g packet of dolly mixtures
  • a handful pink fizzy sprinkles
  • grease proof paper

Miss M, extremely excitedly, set about making the shards. She lined a baking tray with grease proof paper, then melted 3 bars of chocolate in the microwave, 20 seconds at a time, until melted. Then did the same with a small packet of white chocolate buttons.


Once melted, she spread the milk chocolate onto the baking sheet to form a large puddle. With a teaspoon, she then drizzled white chocolate over the milk chocolate puddle and put the tray in the fridge to harden enough to cut (roughly 1 hour).


Whilst Miss M was busy, Miss L set about stacking marshmallows and designing her bridge and castle. Having already attempted a marshmallow bridge at Beavers, she knew an arched bridge would be difficult, so decided on a three up, five across. Once Miss M was finished with the melted chocolate, Miss L began sticking the marshmallows together. I suggested using white chocolate, but no, milk it was!


Six marshmallows were dipped in white chocolate, then into some pink fizzy sprinkles, for decoration. All the marshmallows were then placed into the fridge, for the chocolate to set and bind the marshmallows together, ready for the final construction.

I then set about tidying up, whilst the girls went off to play with skipping ropes, swimming noodles and whatever else they could find, to get out of helping! πŸ˜’

An hour later, Miss M checked on her shards. They were still a little soft, but perfect for cutting into shape. She used a knife to cut various sized triangles and (reluctantly) a door for Miss L’s castle! They were then placed back into the fridge.

With half a packet of marshmallows left, Miss M and I set about thinking what else we could make. This led to……

Marshmallow Crunch.’ 

  • 25g (1oz) glacΓ© cherries
  • 75g (3oz) puffed rice cereal
  • 100g (4oz) pink and white marshmallows
  • 25g (1oz) butter
  • a shallow tin
  • grease proof paper

This was enough for Miss M’s sisters to abandon their outside play and race inside, with a request as to which ingredient they wished to weigh, stir or eat!!

Miss L was first to wash her hands, so she set about lining the tin with grease proof paper. She used a little butter to make in stick to the tin.


Everyone then sat around the table to cut the cherries into small pieces, using Pamperedchef’s ‘My first cutter’ knives.  Miss M and Miss L will use a standard knife when they cook or cut vegetables, just with me, but these Pampered Chef knives are perfect for when the girls are all cooking together, as they will do the job, but also give me piece of mind when I’m helping each of them in turn.

Miss M and Miss A weighed out the marshmallows and butter, then put them into the pan, where I placed them over a low heat, stirring, until melted. I added this mixture to the large bowl of rice cereal, which Miss L had weighed out, and the girls took turns mixing this all together with the cherries.


Once all the rice cereal was covered, we spooned the mixture into the greased tin and placed it in the oven for 2 hours.

The girls then set about constructing their bridge and castle, with  chocolate shards…..

This was when Miss L discovered she’d forgotten to make the sides of the bridge!! As Miss M had spent the last half an hour looking like a hamster, I knew she’d finished off the remainder of the marshmallows, so we decided to reduce the sides of the castle from two, to one strip of marshmallows, and use them for the sides of bridge.

Miss L poured some of the melted white chocolate onto the base, to form “a river,” then sprinkled it was hundreds and thousands to “make it look magic.” She carefully constructed the bridge and castle behind, placing the pink fizzy marshmallows on top. Miss M then placed the largest  shards either side of the turrets. They looked great, but melted in the heat, and drooped, before I could take the photo! πŸ˜’

Second time lucky, with slightly smaller shards, and a few dolly mixtures, the girls completed their design.


They were so pleased with themselves, as was I! They knew what they wanted and they achieved it…… although I perhaps won’t rush to put this one on Pinterest! 😜

We then took the Marshmallow Crunch out of the fridge and cut it into small squares. In Mimi’s words, they tasted ” ‘mazing Mummy” !


It was a lot of fun, very tasty, and great to see the girls all working together to achieve their idea.

Thanks Claire @thefrfamily for the challenge. 😊

Mummy and Monkeys