End of year gifts…. the Four Little Girls way!! 

Ai’s leaving gifts for her Childminder and Preschool Staff. 🙂


The girls enjoy arts and crafts, so we always try to make the end of year gifts, for the wonderful people who have taught and cared for them. 

As I had recently purchased Porcelain paint pens from Baker Ross for Ai’s CBeebies Birthday Party, I thought hand painted mini plant pots would be a lovely idea, along with some simple handmade cards.   

  Ai began with the cards. She drew green lines on a piece of card, then used her finger, dipped in paint, to make the flower heads.   


We left these to dry and began decorating the flower pots.  I thought it would be a lovely idea to have Ai draw whatever she liked, and for me to write what it was under each picture. This started perfectly.   


But then went, typically, not so well…..   


After finishing all the plant pots, we left them to dry. This took roughly a couple of hours, in the sunshine. We then put them all onto a baking tray and placed them into a non preheated oven, at 160c, for 90 minutes, then left them to cool within the oven. 

Now, what should have happened next, was we were to plant our flowers and write our cards. However, School shows, Birthday parties, Toy Day ‘what to bring’ dramas and general Mummy exhaustion took over, so unfortunately, 6.30am on the last day of School/Preschool, I woke to a pack of unusable flowers, one lost card and six still to be written!! 


So, Ai ate her breakfast with a spoon in one hand and the other being dipped in paint to re-create the missing card, and I began to work out how I was going to get everyone, including half the playroom, to school, then drop the youngest two off at my sisters, to attend a meeting, and be back in time for a Preschool Teddy Bears Picnic at 11.30pm, complete with gifts!! 

Well, I did it! We arrived almost 2 hours late for the picnic, but Ai had a wonderful time and all gifts were complete. I even had time (ok, I was late for school again…) to plant the Teachers gifts from the older two girls and bring them to School collection. 

Maybe we should stop making gifts? …. Nah, I’ll just continue to roll with the disasters. 😉