Asking Ai to tidy…… 

Me: “Ai, you really need to tidy up in here. You can barely walk in”

Ai: “I can’t do that! I can’t get there!”

Me: “But you’re in here. You only need to pick a few things up.”

Ai: “How can I?! I don’t have a car… or a plane… or a boat!!” 

Me: “Hey? ….. You just need to scoop a few things up and put them in their boxes?!” (I demonstrate)

Ai: (almost in tears now) “But I really, REALLY, can’t get there!” 

Me: “But you’re already in here. Where are you trying to get?”

Ai: (now verging on hysterical) “I can’t get to India. I don’t know how to get there or how to tidy there.” 

….. IN HERE, not INDIA!! Do you know what, maybe it’d just be easier to tidy the few things myself!?! 😒