Disneyland Paris here we come….. eventually!! 

After much debate, we had decided to wait for the girls to ‘twig on’ to where we were going and settled down rather excited for the alarm to go off at 3am…….. 

I woke with a start. I heard a car. Who on earth was going out before 3am in the morning?! I looked at the clock. 4.08am!!! 

Shouting “Your alarm didn’t go off!!” I sprung out of bed and raced around to find my clothes. Adrian joined my panic and began the same mindless grabbing at everything!!

I ran to the girls bedrooms to wake them. Mo, although at first sight appeared to be asleep, woke far too easily. I then ran into Lo, who was sitting up. She then said “We wondered when you were coming to get us!” ……. So, why did the girls pick today NOT to wake us??!!! 😒

We wanted to leave by 4am. We eventually left at 4.55am, after reversing back down the road and through ‘Fort Knox’ to close a forgotten bedroom window!! 

To be safe, we had decided use two Satellite Navigation Systems, comparing arrival times and accuracy in true ‘Gadget Show’ fashion. The built in Sat Nav failed on ‘timing.’ Telling us to “turn right” as we were actually on the junction, which was not at all helpful and very likely to cause an accident! The road on this Sat Nav was also not as pretty to look. (Very important when bored) 

The more reliable, portable, Sat Nav then gave us the awful news….. the road into the Euro Tunnel was closed and re-directions were in place!!

Just great. So, now we were running late and our chances of getting lost and missing the train, had doubled!!

After a lot of shouting, a few times around a couple of roundabouts and the constant reply of “No.” to cries of “Are we nearly there yet?” we arrived at the Tunnel, and, naturally, joined the slowest queue of them all!!! 😒

Eventually, we were greeted by a lady, in a booth. Adrian handed her the paperwork, whilst I began speaking loudly to the girls in the back of the car, asking them questions, just in case their destination was mentioned! 

Then she asked “Have you filled out at AIP?” ….. Well, of course we hadn’t!! We’d never even heard of one! 

All was explained and we needed to make our way to Customer Services, to join the queue for the totally useless! 

I left Adrian at Customer Services and took the girls for a look around the terminal. I sat them down and did a head count (because I’m nurotic like that and like to count them as well as recognise them!). All present. Then the ‘selfies’ and obligatory Facebook ‘check in’ commenced.

Adrian joined us, now with a completed AIP and slightly later boarding time, so, we went to get breakfast. 

Adrian took our orders. At this point I should mention, that I NEVER get what I have requested. Somewhere between me telling Adrian and him relaying that request, there is always a distortion or system failure. It’s something I have come to expect. 

So, we all sat down to enjoy our breakfast. Me, my bacon roll, with ketchup and cup of tea….. sorry, I mean, my bacon and egg roll with rocket, some weird salsa and a cup of coffee!!

The girls barely ate. Two mouthfuls of porridge for Mi, possibly three for Ai. Lo removed the egg from her roll and took a couple of bites of her bacon, before she started gagging on the salsa. Mo ate just over half of her bacon and egg roll, then began holding her throat and begging for a drink. £25 well spent! Although, Mo did discover that they had plastic cutlery, so we did ‘borrow’ a few sets for later use. ☺️

Next was the toilet stop and, surprisingly, successful. Of course still we went through the usual routine of trying to convince Mo that she would not be stuck in there for life and that I would stand outside the door, with my foot holding it, talking! Oh, and Ai screaming at the hand dryers. 

After this, and a massive strop from Mo about not being allowed a bottle of coke to drink, but us still having the nerve to call this a holiday, we made our way to the car. 

Amazingly, there was no need to queue, and we all happily did our, totally pointless, but somewhat obligatory, ‘duck’ as we went under each height restriction, and drove on to the train.  

Lo asked if we would be able to see the fish through the windows and Mo felt happier now that we were parked on the lower deck and she’d seen doors, so could get out easily if the train broke down. 

Feeling the nerves, we let all these things go. 😬

And, we were off……