Another snippet (and something for us to remember) from our last family holiday…… 

Day three. 

About 11am, we had this idillic idea of having a family game of Crazy Golf, so collected the girls from their morning at Kids Club and headed off to Reception to purchase our putts and ball. 

After much deliberation, the girls rejected the yellow & red ball, finally deciding on the blue ball…. for Daddy! (Awwww!)

Lo was up first. She stepped towards the ball, holding the putt, looked at the ball, looked at the hole…. and then began to cry. “I don’t know how to hold it! I don’t know how to play!”

I explained that she needed to hit the ball with the side, not the tip of the putt, as she had begun, and helped her to position it.

Behind us, bored, Ai began balancing on the side of the course. I asked her to stop doing this, as it was slippy & she had sandals on. I then continued with Lo’s tuition. 

After much practice, Lo hit the ball so hard, that she almost got a hole in one! Lo began jumping with joy, but Mo saw red! “That’s not fair! You keep helping her!! I’m not playing” and walked off, with her putt.

We decided to carried on.

By the fourth course…. Mo had taken to staring, open mouthed, at everyone as they went in & out of the shop. Mi had had enough of being in the buggy & was now crying. Ai was still balancing and Lo was back to missing the ball.

Adrian decided that he would show Lo this time. He stood behind her, held her hands tight against the putt, then swung it back and forth, hard….. smacking Lo full pelt in the jaw with the handle!!

At this point, I (somewhat unhelpfully) threw my arms up in the air & shouted “Oh for Goodness sakes!” Just as Lo burst into a wreck of tears and screams. 

Almost simultaneously, Ai tripped over course number three, also bursting in to tears. Mo then sauntered over, hearing all the commotion, and (even more unhelpfully) shouted “Why is that idiot crying?!” 

Now, at this point, we really should have given up on the game. But no. The previous evening we had had a long conversation about how we give up far too easily and should see things through, regardless of how the girls behave, especially if it is something we have chosen to do. 

So, with this in mind, and both being the stubborn Tauren, I consoled Lo and Ai, and we carried on.

Mo was back in the game, presumably because Lo was now at a disadvantage, refusing to move her hand from her jaw. Ai had decided that holding my hand was the best solution, which inconvenienced me somewhat when trying to use the putt. Mi was still whining and Lo snivelling. 

I then confronted Ai about the ‘holding my hand’ situation, to which she cried. This was clearly Lo’s cue to turn the snivels into a full blown tantrum. “I’m not playing! No one’s helping me! Daddy hurt me and no one cares!” She then grabbed our one and only ball, and ran off with it! Mo ran after her, shouting, and trying to tackle her to the ground. 

I looked at Adrian, he looked at me, and right there I decided, I could take no more. “I’m going back to the caravan. Anyone who wants to come with me, I’m going now.” and off I went with the buggy, followed by Mo & Ai.

Behind me I could hear Lo screaming “I want to play! I want to play!!” Followed by Adrian saying he would help her one last time.

We arrived at the caravan and I put the kettle on for a, much needed, cup of tea!

Before the kettle had even begun to whistle, Adrian appeared. Without Lo. “Where’s Lo?” I asked.  Adrian, exasperated, replied “The absolute idiot! She decided she only wanted to play exactly where other people were already playing. I said she couldn’t, so she started crying and shouting again. It was so embarrassing. Everyone was looking at her. So, I’ve left her there!”…. 

Moral of this story? There’s nothing wrong with giving up at the first hint of trouble and never play Crazy Golf with Lottie…. especially after a morning at Kids Club! 😒